Board of Directors: Do You Qualify?

There’s something rewarding about being on the Board of Directors of an HOA, especially if you fit the criteria. Like that one time when you you were spending time at the pool on a sunny summer day and you noticed one of the umbrellas was not doing their job due to the huge hole at the top. Being on the board allows you to take responsibility and replace the umbrella. With a HOA management company, the request is simple. All the board member would have to do is call their management company, report the maintenance issues and the company would contact a vendor for them.

There is a certain type of person that can serve on a homeowner associations Board of Directors. The person needs to be responsible, trustworthy, and have the community as a whole in mind when making decisions. When board members are elected, the community chooses the people they think would do the best job at overseeing the community and all the aspects that come with the position. They need to know how to handle money and have the ability to make wise financial decisions. A board member is a leader and should have the knowledge necessary to oversee the community.

Do you have what it takes to be on the Board of Directors of your homeowner association? Would you be able to conduct the day-to-day business of the HOA and make decisions that affect all the owners? Most board members agree that serving on the board is a valuable and rewarding experience. It gives you an opportunity to serve your fellow neighbors while protecting and enhancing the assets of the community. It is serious business, but also a task worth doing well in order to safeguard the investments of all.

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