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It’s summerrrrr! Oh, don’t you love it? Unless you are in the southern hemisphere which means you are getting a little respite from the heat.

I hope you and your dogs are getting out and enjoying the outdoors, mountains, and lakes! June has been a fun month for my team and me, and I’m excited to share our latest updates with you.

JointButter: A Happy Success! 

Our joint and mobility supplement for dogs, JointButter, flew off the shelves faster than your dogs chasing a squirrel! 

We’re thrilled by your amazing responses and the reviews that are starting to come in. Here is one I would love to share:

While we are working hard to restock JointButter, we are excited to announce that we will also be adding two new “siblings” to the joint and mobility line-up: JointPowder for dogs and JointButter H+ capsules for you!


Hormone-Sparing Sterilization: A New Leash on Life

We’ve dived fully into the important topic of hormone-sparing sterilization and hormone replacement therapy in dogs. 

As some of you know, my dog Pax has led me to profound learning in this area of health, and I have been very grateful to connect with experts in the field. 

Here are links to the most important videos and articles on this topic:

Note: If you suspect your dog is suffering from spay or neuter-related issues, share your experience with us here so we can document and compile cases, make a plan, and help the affected dogs. Stay tuned for more insights on this topic!

The Natural Health Guide to Treating Dog Diarrhea

Every dog person loves a perfect No. 2, so I have put together a comprehensive guide on treating diarrhea, IBD, leaky gut, and colitis that we all can use when our dogs No. 2 is less than perfect.

Here are some key points from the article:

  • Hydration is crucial during diarrhea episodes

  • A 12-24 hour fasting period can help rest the gut

  • Pumpkin or squash blended with lean meat (like turkey) makes an excellent recovery meal

  • High-potency canine-specific probiotics like GutSense help restore gut health

Remember, antibiotics and anti-diarrheal drugs are not side-effect-free and often cause long-term damage to the microbiome and intestinal lining. Metronidazole is one example that is frequently prescribed. These drugs are not always necessary and can sometimes do more harm than good.

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Summer Safety Tip

I know most of you are fully aware of what your dogs need to stay safe in the summer months. 

Hydration and keeping dogs cool are key! Offering them a safe, stuffable toy with frozen dog-safe fruits can be a nice, refreshing treat!
If you are in the market for a car, remember that you can get a new or used Tesla or Rivian with a dog-safe air-conditioning mode. You can monitor it from your phone if you need to step out to a store and leave your dog in the car. It even has a big-screen message that says what the temperature is and that people do not need to worry about your dog! How smart is that? I am so grateful that there are dog-centric car companies that care!

Reflecting on the Past Decade

As I recently turned 60, I’ve been reflecting on the challenges and blessings of the past decade in an article. I’ve also shared my personal health protocol, supplements I take, and two health books that have become my go-to when it comes to human nutrition and health. After all, our dogs need healthy humans, right?!

Pax Health Protocol

It goes without saying that Pax inspires me every day, so it makes sense to share his own yet very similar supplement regimen consisting of FAB4JointButter, and LiverTune

You can learn more about Pax and my health protocol here

And that is all for today!

Give your dog a hug for me and most of all, enjoy the summer (or winter if you are down under!)

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