The Creative Teams for DC’s New Absolute Comics Line Revealed

Rumors have abounded for a while now that Scott Snyder would be launching some sort of “Ultimate Universe” line of comic books at DC, and now, due to the accidental leak of a promotional ashcan (as reported by ComicsBeat, and a number of other sources, including Bleeding Cool), we now know who the creative teams will be on the new line of comics, dubbed Absolute Comics (as per the title, our featured image is from the cover of Batman #150, a tie-in with Absolute Power).

The tagline for the new Absolute Comics project is also tying in with whatever the next phase is of the DC Universe overall, as it notes, “Two distinct but inextricably linked narratives building a dynamic and essential future for the world’s greatest superheroes.”



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Who are the writers listed for Absolute Comics?

The cover of Batman #1

The main writer associated with Absolute Comics has long been Scott Snyder, and sure enough, he will be writing Absolute Batman, and presumably having some sort of role in the overarching direction of the line of comics.

The other writers include names you are quite familiar with if you check out the nominees for Best Writer at the Eisner Award every year (like we, of course, assume you do), with Jason Aaron, Kelly Thompson, and Jeff Lemire all having been nominated at least one for the award. They are all going to be doing Absolute Comics titles (Jeff Lemire announced his return to DC the other day in his newsletter). Al Ewing, who we believe SHOULD have been nominated for an Eisner Award for Best Writer at some point, is also on board the planned line of comics.

Deniz Camp will be the only writer to be part of the Ultimate Universe (where he writes The Ultimates) and the Absolute Comics line. Other notable writers include Che Grayson (a filmmaker and comic book writer) and Pornsak Pichetshote (The Good Asian, a top 25 finisher in CBR’s Top 100 Comics of 2022).


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Who are the artists listed for Absolute Comics?

The artist on Absolute Batman will be Nick Dragotta, who has drawn the Dark Knight for a Batman: Black and White story, and has drawn a number of commissions with Batman in them, but this will be his first time doing a regular Batman series.

Nick Dragotta on batman

The other artists involved in the project include Wes Craig (co-creator of Deadly Class, and creator/writer/artist of Kaya), Jahnoy Lindsay, Nick Robles, Rafa Sandoval, and Hayden Sherman, most of whom have had extended experience in the DC Universe (or, in the case of Sherman, with Snyder in his Dark Spaces: Dungeon series).

As SDCC approaches, DC will undoubtedly reveal more information, including which titles the other creative teams will be doing specifically.

Source: ComicsBeat and Bleeding Cool

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