Friday Funny – Hairdresser vs. Groomer

My GBGV Life Friday Funny - Hairdresser vs. GroomerI’m hosting a hairdresser vs. groomer post today. Mom and I got this idea the other day when I was on my grooming table. Did you know I love being groomed? I do! My sisters don’t like it much at all. One would think the girls would be more into it, but not my sisters. I actually get upset when other family members are on MY grooming table. Now for the meat of the subject…what is the difference between the hairdresser and the groomer?

  • Hairdressers are for humans, groomers for dogs
  • Hairdressers have their victims sit in chairs, we dogs stand on tables
  • Hairdressers wash the hair on a humans head while groomers shampoo our entire body, and I do mean “entire” body
  • Humans have their head hairs trimmed, cut, colored, curled. Dogs, well, we have our entire body cut, shaved, trimmed and tidied up, even our “private” areas which are not private at the groomer
  • Humans pay extra for manicures and/or pedicures, but at the groomer, all nails are included
  • Aside from young humans, no one poops or pees while getting their hair done, but sometimes dogs do while being groomed
  • Humans sit quietly and enjoy their haircut, many dogs squirm and cry the entire time they are being groomed
  • Hairdressers don’t clean human ears, or teeth, groomers clean out ears, and brush teeth
  • Humans rarely bite or scratch their hairdresser, some dogs bite or scratch their groomer because they are so nervous
  • Humans are not put behind bars until their ride picks them up at the hairdresser, but dogs are in cages while waiting for their ride home

My GBGV Life Friday Funny - Hairdresser vs. GroomerCan you imagine trading places for the fun of it. Drop your dog off at the hair salon or take a human to the groomer and see how that goes. Now that would be quite interesting! Hairdresser vs. groomer is something interesting to ponder. They are similar, yet very different!

Have a fun and funny weekend!

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