Dog Longs For A Home But Adopters Come Up With The Same Excuse

Despite the common challenges many dogs face, stereotypes often exacerbate their plight. This was acutely felt by an older Pit Bull in Los Angeles, California, dismissed by potential adopters as “damaged goods.” Eeyore, a senior dog, was rescued from a euthanasia shelter by Philozoia, a Los Angeles-based animal welfare organization. The organization shared his story on Facebook, praising his qualities. “He is crate and house trained, kid-friendly, and would make a great family dog. Eeyore loves attention and naps, and he also has a playful side. He loves toys and takes his stuffed animal with him everywhere,” they shared. Despite these glowing descriptions, finding Eeyore a forever home proved unexpectedly difficult, with even a foster home hard to come by.


However, Eeyore’s story eventually reached Harshey, a young woman who was so touched by his situation that she decided to foster him. From her home, she shared his story widely, hoping to connect with more potential adopters. Harshey took to TikTok to share a video about Eeyore’s challenges. “A senior dog with severe scarring and asthma is seen as damaged goods for most adopters. But Eeyore has been nothing but brave and kind since I picked him up tonight,” she captioned the video, which highlighted his physical scars and his reaction to being pet.

The video sparked a wave of responses from viewers moved by Eeyore’s story. Comments ranged from expressions of sorrow over human cruelty to messages of hope for Eeyore’s future. “It’s unbelievable the pain and horror that humans inflict on these babies. Thank you for loving him—he deserves only the best ❤️,” one viewer wrote. Another commented, “Sweet handsome Eeyore I’m hoping with everything you find your happily ever after that you deserve❤️❤️.”


When asked why she didn’t just adopt Eeyore herself, Harshey responded, “Keeping him means more dogs that continue to not have a foster and are then at risk for euthanasia.” Her response highlighted a broader issue: the need for more people to open their homes to foster pets, allowing rescue organizations to save more lives.

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This story of Eeyore, laden with hardship yet buoyed by moments of hope, serves as a poignant reminder of the impact of stereotypes on animal adoption. It’s a call to action for potential adopters to look beyond surface appearances and to provide homes for dogs like Eeyore, who deserve a chance at happiness. We have no doubt Eeyore will find his forever family soon!

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Fostering is always hard, but this one is going to hit different. A senior dog with severe scarring and asthma is seen as damaged goods for most adopters. But Eeyore has been nothing but brave and kind since I picked him up tonight. Please consider Eeyore. He is available through Philozoia rescue in SoCal. #adoptdontshop #adoptresponsibly #rescue #animalsoftiktok #dogsoftiktok #animalshelter #fostercare #fosterdog #dontbullymybreed❤ #mastiff #bullybreeds #animalrescue #applevalley

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