Unlocking Potential: 3 Unconventional Growth Strategies

Unlocking Potential: 3 Unconventional Growth Strategies

The life you want waits for self-development. Growth strategies maximize potential. Perhaps you’re so busy savoring this life that you don’t have time to grow into the next. And who has time for future opportunities when you can’t keep up with today’s challenges?

Those who make a difference trust their talent, expand their skill, and develop their strength. Growth strategies enable growth as you go. It’s too late if you feel fully equipped for the next opportunity.

Growth strategies enable growth as you go. Image of a hammer and bent nails.

3 unconventional growth strategies:

#1. Begin before you’re ready.

The most important step toward development is starting stuff.

Connect the courage to start with commitment to develop yourself. Start because you believe in developing your talent.

Try stuff. Grow as you go.

It’s too late if you feel ready.

Tip: Move toward discomfort. Say yes. Turning away from discomfort is turning from the next level.

#2. Learn from irritating people:

We learn from people who aren’t like us. Sometimes they’re irritating. Perhaps they seem too direct or they’re too politically savvy. People who seem “too much” have something to teach you.

You limit your impact by limiting the types of people you get along with.

Everything good in leadership begins with humility. Image of a red apple.

It takes humility to work well with someone who irritates you.

Humility extends capacity.

Tip: Focus on the strengths, not the weaknesses, of people who rub you the wrong way.

#3. Lean into delay:

Projects often get delayed – you wait for approvals, other team members, or financing.

Delay develops creativity. Frustration in response to delay invites you to press harder but closes your mind to new ideas. An angry brain doesn’t have new ideas.

Delay develops grit. Open your mind to creative ideas.

Tip: Relax while pressing through delay. You can’t control outcomes. Ask if there’s another way.

Which of the above growth strategies is most relevant for you today? Why?

What does growing intentionally look like to you today?

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