Galaxie 500 Announce Archival Album, Unearth New Songs: Listen

Galaxie 500 have announced a new album of outtakes, B-sides, rarities, and previously unreleased tracks. The collection, Uncollected Noise New York ’88-’90, will be released digitally via 20/20/20 on September 20. (Silver Current Records is handling the vinyl, CD, and cassette releases.) Below, listen to two selections from the new album, “Shout You Down” and “I Wanna Live.”

Galaxie 500 recorded just three studio albums: Today (1988), On Fire (1989), and This Is Our Music (1990). “Shout You Down” comes from the band’s sessions for Today, while “I Wanna Live” was made at the same time as On Fire.

“I can see why we left some of these songs in the vaults,” Galaxie 500 singer and guitarist Dean Wareham said in a statement, “but there is pleasure in hearing them today; they sound very alive, like Galaxie 500 playing in the brick-walled room that was Noise New York.”

Bassist Naomi Yang added, “There is a sweetness in hearing the progression of us finding our own sound, our own collective voice. The Proustian power of music. Listening to these early recordings I can hear myself figuring out how I wanted to play bass—finding my way up the neck to where the notes would cut through, where there could be a counter-melody to the singing. Making the bass my singing voice.”

Read about Galaxie 500’s This Is Our Music opener, “Fourth of July,” at No. 175 in “The 250 Best Songs of the 1990s.”

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