Taylor Swift quickly gets into character when a song begins at The Eras Tour

Taylor Swift quickly gets into character when a song begins at The Eras Tour #shorts #taylorswift


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  1. First! And shes amazing! Pin please?😊

  2. Nothing in her brain!! Nailed it!

  3. Nobody even cares about Taylor Swift.

  4. Why is the mic in her left hand

  5. Gotta be Brainwashed to listen to this crap 👍

  6. She dances and mince’s like she is The Pied Piper of Theatrical Cartoon Music.

  7. I am bored of the eras tour

  8. I'm going this month Ahhh ❤

  9. scroll the comments to see exactly how america’s women are lost because of ssri’s and birth control 😂

  10. I was in that stadium on that night!!!

  11. So Hot , Travis better not mess this up !!

  12. Listening to the marketing bit while I work from home at my marketing job like 👁️👄👁️

  13. is anyone gonna talk about that girl that ran

  14. I can’t stand her but somehow I find myself watching these🤣 the outfit makes me want to scratch my eyeballs out

  15. Oh wow how professional

  16. I love shake it off but the dancing and singing pigs from sing just ruined it

  17. Ah yes, the teenage girl.

  18. What " character "??? Every song she's a 35 year old singing like for little girls!

  19. Amor mio solo tu sbes como ponerme muy celoso

  20. They say she can’t dang like u can’t sing then at least she’s trying😂❤

  21. I agree with her. There's nothing in her brain

  22. its called performing lmao

  23. I was there th
    At night

  24. I love her shoes so much I cant

  25. We would do it for you. Many times. Bleach face me cleaning!

  26. My mood swings on my period

  27. Nah bro the legs opening are a real jumpscare! 💀

  28. Finish the lyrics: i stay out too late got nothing in my brain___

  29. I think that's because she practices

  30. By "shaking her ass"?

    How is that "in character"?

  31. Oaf palease i think ive seen four year old girls do that,its more appealing to the numb minded coz shes doing it dressed like a pop tart

  32. I went to that concert😅 best day ever❤❤

  33. Did she tap her wrist 6 or 7 times?
    Edit: I think it was 6! Rep tv?

  34. This is one of my favorite outfits on her!🎉I like the watermelon colors! 🍉

  35. Player's Gonna play. Super stupid lawsuit. Someone used the same lyrics in their song back in 2000 and they sue her. And she cried but its a commonly used phase no one should own it and this bitch over here copyrights it along with 350 other common sayings no one should own.

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