Travis Kelce confessed what Taylor Swift cooks for him at home…


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  1. Ppl taking “them cooking” to the bedroom in comments lol
    Love to hear that they cook together tho. I’m sorry but he’s so dang cute. I can’t.

  2. Oh! so, cooking at home means sexy time for those two😂

  3. She makes great cinnamon rolls because she is a cinnamon roll ❤❤

  4. the way he wants to keep that personal is so cute

  5. So darn cute. Refreshing to see some genuine happiness

  6. Mama Kelce raised the boys beautifully!! ❤️❤️❤️

  7. I hope these two last together. They are such a cute couple.

  8. Humble pie with reassurances of not leaving for good…

  9. He couldn’t think of anything on point so he that in there last min. He could have lied and said a good lasagna or something 😂😂😂

  10. They are so cute together ❤️

  11. ❤❤good job it personal ❤❤

  12. Good answer. It was respectful and some things should be kept private. Even if it’s just a meal. He doesn’t want the whole world stealing her magic recipes! LOL

  13. In other words, TS doesn't cook. Surprise! 😅

  14. The kiss was sweet ❤❤

  15. Maybe he was told not to answer any personal questions related to Taylor

  16. Haha, he has a good sense of humour 😂😂

  17. The cinnamon roll was something already filmed and so in the public eye so he shared that much.

  18. He is starting to look and have the same manorisms as his brother Jason.

  19. Travis has the cutest laughing eyes that just make you feel so comfortable .

  20. It tells me she doesn’t do any cooking,him not wanting to talk about it Lol

  21. She also makes good seeing someone who genuinely loves to is soo fun and an underrated hobby..😂❤

  22. The way Swifties gush is so cringe

  23. taylor is even more lorelai gilmore coded now 😇

  24. They probably don’t cook together but they for sure bake together. Cooking is a chore, baking is for fun


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