We’re the SMILING FRIENDS | Panel Highlights | Adult Swim Festival 2022

In everyday ordinary life, gloomy days are expected; in SMILING FRIENDS, those days are no longer accepted. Come relax with …

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  1. I can't begin to explain how happy I am to see Zach and Michael living their dream. Adult Swim, you have given me too much. I am severely in your debt.

  2. Chris Chan was banned from the adult swim convention center

  3. Lmao why are they drawn like their characters

  4. A smiling friends game that is modeled after old school 90's point and click adventure games like King's Quest VI would be incredible.

  5. Love these guys and this show!

  6. Left 4 speed to smiling friends

  7. It really brings my inner child to the surface watching some of the stories Zach and the Oney crew have come up with, and put it into a show that’s now blowing up on a rick and morty level

  8. THOSE were the highlights..?

  9. Haven't see Tom Fulp in years

  10. So happy there is a season 2

  11. Okay so they’re just Smiling Friends irl?? Lmaooo

  12. they should have an episode where they help a guy to stop donating to twitch streamers

  13. i’m calling it right now, this year smiling friends with become one of the biggest shows on television

  14. It's literally just their talking voices lol

  15. All I see is Charlie and Pim, like it's just imprinted into my brain.

  16. He IS Pim, that's all I can hear

  17. Zach looks like he just got out of hunting Elk ☠️

  18. Zach looks like an alternate universe jschlatt

  19. If you close your eyes it sounds like they’re interviewing Charlie and Pim.

  20. What’s so weird, they sound like they’re still in character just how casual they talk when they play as Pim & Charlie

  21. If you close your eyes, it just sounds like Charlie and Pim are answering people's questions

  22. The audio peaking would have been a hilarious gag, actually

  23. I saw some dumbass refuse to believe that Zach was Charlie's voice actor. Like, he was deadset on believing it was an impressionist and hit everyone who was proving him wrong with "Stop gaslighting me" and "It appears that I stand alone as the sole beacon of reasoning and intellect in this sea of ignorance and folly🤓"

  24. I can't get over how normal Zack looks.

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