Zak’s Most Terrifying Ghost Encounters On Ghost Adventures!

Recap on some of the creepiest adventures with Zak Bagans & Aaron Goodwin and the rest of the crew! Catch full episodes …

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  1. It is good thing you guys are capture it on camera when I encountered a ghost walking around the corridor then disappeared as a apparition flying off the radar it was appearing to this is indeed dangerous thing you guys are brave for always wanting to search the mystery what's dwells the property you're keen to record your EVP camera.

  2. The first encounter cracked me up, he said "he hopped out of the baby carriage and did this
    "〈😵ノ" like he showed me he can fight 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 fsf

  3. Maybe when Zach said alpha he was referring to his human form. The flesh being alpha lol

  4. When I was a much younger man I watched this show seriously and unironically. Now I enjoy it for the joke it is. It’s still undeniably entertaining. The o you thing that can make it better is if we meet the real actor behind Zack Bagans,preferably Australian or English

  5. that black mass was his shadow

  6. Doll: “Touch Tool.”


  7. So funny and great entertainment 😅

  8. why did he say what like that at 8:00

  9. That thing that jumped out of the pram,it made a silly sound,is this a spoof of the show.

  10. 8:15 there was blight a right blight bright light light LMFAO

  11. 2:42 that is litterally said the same thing before zak said that.

  12. on the time 2;42 it looks like a pair of eyes on the door does anyone else see it to

  13. hey zak. your fake your show is fake…carma will bite you in the ass for what you did to dakota and nick….they need to cancel your tv show….now…

  14. If it says, ‘Touch’, don’t yell, “WOWW IT SAID TOUCH! Holy fuck guys, it said TOUCH!!”… 🙄 Calm down & talk to it! Make a real connection!

  15. They really should not yell & scream the moment something happens, if they really want to get somewhere.

  16. there are no ghosts it is only eternal darkness after death those guys are drunk and have nightmares

  17. Ghost adventures Billy and Aaron zak jay ❤lucy

  18. Total BS–typical fake ghost show—ridiculous and the famous "what is that"

  19. Zack is narcissistic egotistical loser

  20. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻😱

  21. Zach's older content was so much better, now he's like a clown.

  22. Aaron: gets assaulted by spirit on stairs
    Zak: ok buddy? You can go first

  23. @zak bagins did you feel that touch asssss a cutb in the fourth minute

  24. What season and episode is this one

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